program flow

The video above shows

This is the first browser visualization I made. I was inspired by Steven Wittens' amazing Dark Sunrise and thought trying to recreate the spectrometer would be a good place to start. I didn't use a texture for the audio data since it's not a whole lot of data, I could definitely optimise this some more. It modifies the vertex positions in the main render loop in javascript, which I see now is a terrible idea, that's what vertex shaders are for. My next project, chrome, takes that into consideration.

For good measure I added a Band Pass Filter, which visibly modifies the spectrum that's going through! Neat right?

Finally, I added a frontend that uses the Soundcloud API to stream any song on Soundcloud through the spectrometer. This was mainly to get around copyright infringement in a demo... Need to build this into every demo from now on.

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